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Den Lama im Herzen – Buddhistischer Herbstkurs Berlin

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Diamond Way Buddhism provides easy access to authentic Buddhist teachings and meditations for use in contemporary life. The 679 Buddhist centers across the Western world present Buddhism in a modern practical context, in over 30 languages. They were founded by Hannah and Lama Ole Nydahl under the spiritual guidance of His Holiness the 16th Karmapa. In Fall 2017, while Lama Ole is giving teachings in South America, there will be a meditation course in Berlin with many of Lama Oles students. Some of them are his students and they had the precious opportunity to meet the 16th Karmapa in Person. It will be a course about the history of the Karma Kagyu lineage in the western world and especially in Germany.

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Buddhistische Zentren Ost der Karma Kagyü Linie e.V.


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